Newfoundland Bird Watching

Cape St Mary's, Baccalieu Island, and Witless Bay Seabird Ecological Reserves Nature and History Tour

Day 1

Arrive in Holyrood Conception Bay which will be your home base for your Birdwatching Tour. Check in at Comerfords Ocean View Efficiency Suites. Comerfords have a 3.5 star canada select rating, and offer spacious accommodations. There are some great Hiking Trails nearby.

Day 2

Today you can visit the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve. Here you can see Puffins and Murres. You will enjoy a boat tour of the ecological reserves three islands. Often Icebergs and Whales can also be seen here in May and June. Then you can travel to Historic Ferryland where there is an Archaeological dig and Interpretation center for COLONY OF AVALON Established by Lord Baltimore in 1621 it was one of the first settlements on the continent of North America. After this full day of activities you can come back to Holyrood for a comfortable nights rest.

You may see icebergs along our shores
Iceberg Hike

newfoundland pictures
Whales are common visitors to our Seabird ecological reserves
Humpback Tail


Day 3

Today you will see Cape St Mary's Seabird Ecological Reserve. Here you will see the most accessible Northern Gannet Colony in the world. There is an interpretation center here and a lighthouse. Next you can visit Castle Hill National Historic Site This is the site of French and English Fortifications. The hill offers a spectacular view of Placentia Bay, the former French capital of Newfoundland. Then back to Holyrood for the night after this full day of touring.

one of the most accessible Northern Gannet colonies in the world
Thousands of Northern Gannets

newfoundland pictures
British and French have fought battles for the control of Castle Hill
Flags Flying High atop Castle Hill


Day 4

Today you can visit the Baccalieu Island Seabird Ecological Reserve where over six milllion Leach's Storm Petrels nest. The Petrels only come out to feed at night. There are also some Foxes here that feed on the Petrels. Next you can visit Grates Cove Rock Walls National Historic Site where there are hundreds of Rock walls scattered about the landscape. A great place for a picnic lunch.

A snowy owl at the park
Snowy Owl

newfoundland pictures

Bald Eagle

Day 5

There are so much Nature, Wildlife, and Historic places to visit in this area, an extra day or week of activities to keep your family busy from dawn til dusk is easy to plan.

A guided sea kayaking excursion around the bay

You can hike to many lighthouses in the area

many places full of history and adventure shipwrecks above and below the surface

This tour offers a traveller some highlights of Birdwatching and History on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland. However there are still many more great things to see and do on the Avalon Peninsula.

A Birdwatching Tour offers you 4 Days of Nature, Wildlife, and History combined with 4 nights in spacious 3.5 star accommodations. This tour includes tickets for the attractions and accommodations plus visitors and road maps. All this is a very affordable Tour(cdn) for 2 adults. Tour Guides will easily arrange a customized tour for any number of adults and children. Book your Birdwatching Tour online today.

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